The Start of The Whispered Roar

June 21, 2022

I mentioned earlier that I am a writer for Myasthenia Gravis News. My column is called “The Whispered Roar”.  Why that name?  The biggest reason is because I wanted it relatable to a wide audience and some of the more humorous titles I came up with alienated a larger audience. This was/is a professional column and I wanted it to stay a little more PG than some of my normal/usual conversational dialogue. It also acknowledges one of the more annoying symptoms I experience with myasthenia gravis and that is the vocal fluctuations due to weakness of the bulbous muscles and vocal chords.  You can read more about how “The Whispered Roar” started and a brief synopsis of my journey to diagnosis in the introduction article.

Written By Shawna B.

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