The Travis Mills Foundation (originally posted on 27 July 2017)

September 1, 2022

*originally posted on Shawna’s blog on 27 July 2017*

This last week was the 3rd week of retreats being hosted at the Travis Mills Foundation.  (Don’t know what the Travis Mills Foundation is?  Follow the link and read all about the amazing “recalibrated warrior”.  I’ll also share more information about him and his endeavors a bit later).  Every Monday, I’ve been leading some very basic art instruction.  I take a variety of sculpted/carved tiles that I’ve made with me including plain ones with no decoration, blueberries, tulip, calla lily, lotus, pine trees, and a cardinal.  So they have 7 tiles to choose from.  I take a variety of acrylic paints and Veterans, spouses, and children alike all get their hands dirty.  We paint tiles, talk, laugh, and just have a good time.  It’s less of an art class and more of a time to relax, focus on making something pretty that they get to take home, and just have a good time.


Written By Shawna B.

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