Drip Parties!

June 28, 2022

Drip party? What in the world is that?

Adult woman with glasses, wearing a mask, with IV tubing coming out of her shirt.
Different size bottles filled with frothy bubbles - used/depleted IVIG.
Bottle of IVIG with frothy bubbles hung up on an IV pole

When I started getting IVIG infusions (read about it in my article over at Myasthenia Gravis News) to treat my myasthenia gravis, I tried to find funny ways to make sitting in a chair hooked up to an IV for HOURS more bearable. I came to call these infusions, drip parties. Watching the medicine drip…drip…drip…from the bag/bottle through the IV line and into my body; knowing that it was a life saving medication that would be making me feel 100 times better within the next 24-48 hours.

During my infusions I often worked and ran the print shop when I still had that going (stupid idea… I was pushing myself WAY too hard… but more on that later…). I would read a book on the Kindle app on my phone. I might take some yarn and work on a crochet project. I’d do some sudoku puzzles. Anything to make the 4 to 6 hours tick by a little faster. This is where the idea of “drip party activity bags” came from. It is something that I am working diligently on creating for my fellow myasthenics and anyone else that gets hooked up to machines for various drip parties. Dialysis, IVIG, iron, chemotherapy and other medications are all treatments that I’d consider drip party worthy.

Interested in some drip party activity kits? Stage one of introducing these kits is the Color Me Happy Club subscription with activity upgrade. They come with all kinds of things to color in addition to assorted activities. The activities are going to include puzzles (like word searches and sudoku), actual puzzles that you can take apart and put together, small and simple polymer clay projects, and more! I’m open to suggestions on what you might like to see.

Written By Shawna B.

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