Change Is In The Air (originally posted 30 July 2013)

September 15, 2022

*Originally posted on Justin’s blog on 30 July 2013*

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on this thing.  For the past couple months I’ve had a sever case of writers block that not only extended itself to this, but it’s also crept into my ability to write creatively.  Basically, my brain has been fried with what seems like a mountain of changes that have been happening within our family.  So, this post is basically to catch everyone up on what’s been going on the past few months with the hope I’ll be able to put myself back on track to keep up with this on a more regular basis.

The wedding is only 11 days away as of this writing.  Since we’re doing much of the work ourselves and having the wedding at home we’ve been busy, busy, busy, making last minute preparations. (I would also like to take this time to say a huge thank you to my family as well; especially my mom and grandmother who’ve been instrumental in getting things together and accomplished.)  There’s still quite a bit to do but thankfully next week I have some reinforcements coming in in the persons of Marilyns’ dad, sister, and her boyfriend so we can finish up some of the landscaping work and house preparation for the winter.

Jimmy came to live with us about two months ago.  I have to say, as much of a change as its been getting used to having another person in the house to watch after it’s very exciting as well.  He’s such a great kid and a joy to have around.  Not to mention, I can steal some of my parents old tricks for getting him to give me a hand doing work around the house when needed.  😉  Seriously though, he’s so inquizitive about everything around him and picks up on new tasks and ideas quickly it’s fun for me because not only can I show him new and different ways of doing things. He’s also at the stage where he’s developing his own unique ways of solving problems as well.  For a person who likes to be challenged, he keeps my life interesting to say the least!  HA!

We’re currently looking for a new home closer to my family and better medical care for Marilyn.  Yes, I know I haven’t written an in-dept post of how we came to live here in the first place but it will be the subject of a future post I promise.  Anyways, what a pain in the ass this is!  Thankfully our list of wants match up fairly well so that’s making it easier but the damn process for finding, securing, and closing on a home seems much more complicated than in really needs to be.  Not to mention the time involved to do such things!  Seeing as how we live anywhere from 3 to 4 hours away from all potential locations, it makes going to check places out both time consuming and expensive with the price of fuel constantly going up.

I guess I’ll close it out with a few incidentals.  I finished the complete Rushfit Beginner program and have tried to start intermediate 2 but failed after a couple of weeks.  Tonight I try for the third time to start and stick with it.  This was much easier during the winter when I really had nothing else going on!  HA!  I competed in and completed my first adventure race, the Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River Ski Resort a couple weeks ago.  So much fun and I’m already planning and preparing to do another race in New Hampshire this fall (Hopefully that is.  Still a few details to work out since it’s an 8 hour drive)  Marilyn seems to have found a niche’ market for her pottery by making sculptures, many of them Maine themed and some of them being working lamps and even some bird feeders and she’s also become quite the avid gardner.

It’s been quite a summer thus far and will only get better in a little over a week. Big changes are happening and are going to continue to happen for at least the next few months.  I’m already looking forward to a time when I can settle down in my new home, with friends and family, a cold locally brewed adult beverage, and a camp fire.  For those are the times when everyone can talk and laugh and truly enjoy the simple things.

Written By Justin B.

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